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India Unit Study

This year we did a hands on study of India. This involved reading, art, cooking, geography, and more!

One of the first things we did in our India study was read It’s Cool to Learn About Countries – India which was a great hands-on book with facts, crafts, and questions! You can buy it used at a great price here. While going through the book we branched off of those topics to learn more and experience it for ourselves.

I found this neat free downloadable booklet about India on Teachers Pay Teachers that gives backround information on cities, climates, transportation, culture, and more! We put this in their India binders.

I found a fairly simple Chicken Biryani recipe that my 9 year old could make on and it has become a regular dinner recipe for us!

easy chicken biryani recipe indian food unit study

We talked about henna and its uses in Indian culture. We did a henna hands craft, where the kids traced their hands and drew their own henna designs on them.

We made a flag of India out of beans and rice. Ideally we would have used orange lentils on the top but we didn’t have any, so after the rice dried we painted it orange.

india flag craft beans mural

Additional Resources:

India – Encyclopedia Britannica

Diwali – National Geographic



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